A Digital Arcade Cabinet Collection built on Blockchain

  • Date 1 July 2022

Built on blockchain, PC can be integrated by Multiple metaverses, as
long as the assets with the valid Policy ID are owned by the users.

Users are able to:
• Collect Cabinet Parts (On every NFT Marketplace)
• Build Cabinets (Browser-App, Mint on chain)
• Build their own Arcade Store (Browser-App, Tycoon Mechanics)
• Rent Stores / Cabinets / Spots
• Stake Cabinets to earn $Coin
• Play on Cabinets

Token Mechanics
• Token contains a not downloadable 3D Model, ready to be used by game engines. Metaverse developers are able to design their own version and pair it with the cabinet policy id.
• Token contains playable web-gl games stored on IPFS. $Coin Utility can be used by developers into each game.
• As long as users pay their rent on given address, the cabinet is locked into a smart contract, and an LP token is stored into user’s wallet. If user sends the LP to another wallet or rent is not paid the contract gets canceled.
• Arcades can be placed in a metaverse plot if user owns Cabinet or LP Token.

Tavern Revolt Arcade made by @Santi_Blend

Grunts Arcade made by @deadtunnelrat